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Social Learning and Video Creation

21. Jun 2017

social learning through video creation

Applications, Business,

Social Learning is about the acquisition of knowledge through participating in collaborative activities. Interaction is of primary importance: group members work together on the same issue, towards the same goal. Individuals in groups are able to tackle more complex problems than they would on their own, as they pool knowledge and skills, and share diverse perspectives.... Read More

Engage Your Audience with Video Storytelling

9. Jun 2017

video storytelling

Tips and tricks, Applications,

Our brains love storytelling. It is through stories that we connect with our emotions and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the human condition. While storytelling is often considered to be an art form, it has practical uses as well. In fact, many businesses have already discovered the practicality of storytelling and its benefits... Read More

Develop Critical Thinking Skills through Video Creation

31. May 2017

critical thinking

Applications, Education,

We use critical thinking skills every day of our lives. At the most basic level, critical thinking is “thinking on purpose”. It is the skill of looking carefully at information and considering whether it is valid or not. When critical thinking takes place, the individual actively engages in the following processes: communication, analysis, synthesis, problem-solving, evaluation... Read More